, United States

Windows Tutorial

Download our Windows app, install it and connect.

When download completed, click on VPNasia.exe
If software don't want to open, disable your virusscanner or try to run the install as administrator.

Click on Yes when you get Warning message

Follow the installation, click on Next, if the software want to install TAP drivers, install them.

When installation completed, click on Finish to open the VPN.asia app

Click on Options

Fill in your username and password

In the Advanced tab you are able to change the protocol type, we suggest you use Stealth VPN mode, this is most fast and can't be blocked by networks
Click on save

The Disable Full Protection button can be activated, this is a Firewall and Kill-switch, it protects you from any traffic going thru the internet without a VPN.
Click on any location you wish to connect to or click on the recommended location.

Your vpn is now connecting

You are connected! If you don't have any internet, please disconnect and directly reconnect to same server.